Diploma of Permaculture Design

The Diploma of Permaculture Design is a mentorship and professional excellence program created for continuing education after the Permaculture Design Course. The PDC can be truly life changing and inspiring—we help students activate themselves post-PDC while providing a professional credential to work toward.

Students create their own learning plans, allowing one to apply Permaculture to one’s own passions with the guidance of leading edge mentors who provide resources, support, and structure for helping one accomplish positive change.

Significance of the Diploma

A Diploma of Permaculture Design gives one professional recognition as a permaculture designer and consultant. Additionally, the field of Education certifies one to teach and offer certificates from Permaculture Institute while making one eligible to be listed on the Teachers’ Registry.

The Diploma of Permaculture Design signifies that the recipient:

  • has achieved professional excellence in their practice
  • has demonstrated commitment to Permaculture ethics
  • has been mentored through a period of study and deep engagement for the minimum of 2 and a half years
  • has had their final portfolio of work evaluated by Permaculture Institute’s Diploma Review Panel

Who is the Diploma for?

Aspiring Permaculture teachers for PDC’s or more advanced trainings

Motivated college students who would like more practical experience

Design professionals wanting to enhance their work with Permaculture thinking

Land managers who want professional support as they work on their projects

Artists documenting permaculture practices in their community or around the world

Anyone looking to apply systems thinking and ecological principles to their life

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